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Charleroi Airport Brussels South (CRL)-Brussels city (all areas)
Excellent. we were staying at hotel in the center of Brussels. In spite of traffic and street works the service and timing was pretty good. And behaviour of drives very kind. Always in contact with you by phone for any possible delay.
Ponctualité: 4   Chauffeur: 5   Véhicule: 5

Brussels city (all areas)-Charleroi Airport Brussels South (CRL)
Everything was perfect! thank you
Ponctualité: 5   Chauffeur: 5   Véhicule: 5

Charleroi Airport Brussels South (CRL)-Brussels city (all areas)
Very unhappy, change of driver at the last minute, and 45 mts late....
Ponctualité: 5   Chauffeur: 5   Véhicule: 5

Charleroi Airport Brussels South (CRL)-Brussels city (all areas)
Ponctualité: 2   Chauffeur: 5   Véhicule: 5

Charleroi Airport Brussels South (CRL)-Brussels city (all areas)
Booked taxi for flight that was scheduled to arrive at 15:35. Taxi arrived at 16:29.
Ponctualité: 1   Chauffeur: 4   Véhicule: 4

Brussels city (all areas)-Charleroi Airport Brussels South (CRL)
Ponctualité: 5   Chauffeur: 5   Véhicule: 5

Dinant-Charleroi Airport Brussels South (CRL)
All very good indeed. The driver was great. There was a little issue due to poor satellite coverage in the pick up area. I'll definitely use you again
Ponctualité: 5   Chauffeur: 5   Véhicule: 5

Louvain La Neuve-Charleroi Airport Brussels South (CRL)
Le choffeur est arrivé en retard, selon lui, à cause de la circulation. Mais c'est un aspect qu'il faut prévoir. Après, il nous a laissé très loin de la Terminal de l'aéroport, compte tenu que nos étions déjà en retard pour prendre le vol... Je ne le recommenderai plus jamais. Néfaste.
Ponctualité: 5   Chauffeur: 2   Véhicule: 3

Brussels city (all areas)-Charleroi Airport Brussels South (CRL)
This is an evaluation for the ride from Brussels to Charleroi. The ride back to Brussels on Sunday was perfect (5/5/5)
Ponctualité: 4   Chauffeur: 3   Véhicule: 3

Charleroi Airport Brussels South (CRL)-Kortrijk
Ponctualité: 4   Chauffeur: 4   Véhicule: 5

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Aéroport de Charleroi Bruxelles-Sud (CRL)

charleroi airport taxi transfers and shuttle service

Brussels South Charleroi Airport (IATA: CRL) is the biggest low cost airport of Belgium and is 48 km (30 mi) from Brussels, the capital of Belgium. Brussels South Charleroi Airport is also called simply Charleroi Airport or Gosselies Airport (the airport is located in the municipality of Gosselies), but the airport is often called BSCA (from the abbreviation of Brussels South Charleroi Airport). The airport is called Charleroi, because it is only a few minutes from Charleroi, the 5th most populous city of Belgium.

transfers2airports.com is a great choice to travel with a low cost airport taxi or shuttle transfer between Charleroi Airport and any parts of Belgium, Netherlands, Luxembourg, France and Germany.

- upon arrival at Charleroi Airport please look for your driver, who will hold a personal waiting sign with your name on it
- if you did not pay in advance for your airport taxi transfer, please pay to the driver with the local currency (Euro)

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